“Look for task lighting that goes with your style, and creates a shadow-free environment”

In this blog I will take you on a guide through task lighting, the different lighting options available and where there best installed, and even some of our customers ideas of task lighting.

Task lighting is the brightest lights of them all in the kitchen area. They target the main areas such as worktops, cooker and sink. We all need task lighting in our kitchen to be able to do the things we do in our kitchen, without a shadow-free working environment.

Lighting up the worktops

Under-cupboard spot lights fitted directly above the work surfaces will ensure, a bright and focused task light. Bear in mind though to fit the spot lights as close as you can to the edge of the cabinet, so you don’t illuminate just the back of the worktop. They are designed especially for food prep and perfect for when using a sharp knife.

LED strips are also fitted under the cabinets to provide a much needed task light. They offer a bright light across the whole entire area that makes for clear visibility. A more modern option are LED circular lights, as they are more compact and used to create a soft ambient light for dining. There are also the LED ropes that look stylish and are for anyone who loves a simple installation.

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Lighting up the sink

The sink is one of the main working functions in the kitchen, just think of the kitchen triangle. The kitchen triangle is made up of the three most vital areas in the kitchen, the sink, the hob and the fridge, and you may just want to light up the sink. The light over the sink won’t give you the same illumination that the worktop has, but it maybe beneficial to have.

It’s a great idea if you have the room to put the sink underneath a window, this will allow the sink to be flooded with natural light during the day. It will look beautiful if you have a rustic, period looking kitchen, where you can show off that stunning farmhouse sink. Add pendent lighting to the area for evenings and darker days to add a soft spotlight and so it can be tied into the rest of the room and lighting. A small kitchen or a contemporary design would work great with recessed LED lights in the ceiling.

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Lighting up the hob…

To light up the hob, a good idea is to purchase a cooker hood with built-in lighting. You can make a style statement with this, as well as a professional, modern look. There are many types of hoods that offer this feature, that will blend seamlessly into your kitchen style.

The same LED lighting that you use over the worktops is another option to light up the hob, to give you the amount of light needed to cook safely.

Lighting up the kitchen island

The kitchen island is in the middle of the room that presents a focus on the eye. You are unlikely to be able to use under-cabinet lighting above the kitchen island, but you can still use it to host a whole load of ideas into the kitchen.

Suspend pendant lighting above the kitchen island that adds style, and makes a fantastic design statement to the hub of the home. You need to make sure you add enough light to the island with the pendants to cover the whole of the worktops.

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Some of our customers task lighting ideas…

strapazzate quartz worktops rock and co Our customer here has chosen the Strapazzate in a 30mm thickness to finish off their hub of the home. The customer here has chosen lots of task lighting, such as underneath the cabinets on the worktops, spotlights above the hob and on the ceiling. A great illumination of the room and surrounding areas. The sink is also beneath the window so natural light is provided into this hub of the home.

calacutta urban quartz white quartz with marble effect installed in barnet by rock and co Our customer here has chosen the Calacutta to finish off their hub of the home. This kitchen in particular offers lots of natural light into the kitchen so task light is not lost. The beautiful island in the middle of the room is brightened up with suspended pendants above it, and spotlights sit in the ceiling all around the room. It is a stunning open-plan space that has the task light needed to be able to work efficiently throughout.

urban quartz bianco marmo suprema white quartz Our customer here has chosen the Bianco Marmo Suprema to finish off their hub of the home. The light colour of the worktops bring the dark cabinets together for a contemporary look. There is lots of task lighting in this kitchen as the spotlights are situated all around the room to bright up all areas of the room, the rope lights suspended above the kitchen island give the perfect illumination across the whole entire worktop, and a lovely light box to add a nice little decorative piece.