Granite kitchen worktops are the most popular 100% natural stone solution.

Granite is available in a wide range of colours and styles, it is hard wearing, easy to maintain and lasts a lifetime.


Granite is a fantastic product suitable for use in any kitchen environment, especially where style, performance and longevity in countertops are all important.

Get a 100% natural stone worktop for your kitchen, it features a variety of colours and patterns, these are determined by a mix of Quartz, Mica and Feldspar.

There are two different finishing options available for granite worktops, these are:

1) High-shine polished – this brings out the brilliant colours and shine from the stone’s natural crystals

2) Honed – this is where the polished stone is buffed to create a flat, low-sheen surface

The main benefits of Granite over other types of work surface are:

Durable and long lasting natural material
Vast range of colours and styles available
Polished or honed surface
Heat, scratch and stain resistance
Low maintenance and anti-bacterial properties
No two Granite countertops are the same, unique by nature
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We source high quality Granite from around the world including stone from Italy, Spain & India which we thoroughly quality check. The suppliers we choose have been vetted by us, we have visited their production facilities and trust their product.

All of our granite worktops have been tested to high standards set by the industry and by ourselves, so you can be sure your new kitchen worktop will look amazing and last a lifetime.

We have over 125 granite colours to choose from, all of which are available to order from our showrooms in Stevenage and Cambridge. We can also arrange a visit for you with our supplier to check the current stock and even pick out a slab – after all it’s a natural material and small samples are never as good as seeing the full slab!


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