“Pendant lighting can transform the kitchen, and create a focal point”

Do you like to make an impact in your kitchen? Something that takes centre stage? Pendant lighting does all of this in a very simple way. You have to be careful with this kind of lighting though as you don’t want to make the room look cluttered and impractical. This sort of contemporary lighting style, which is suspended from the ceiling that provides spot lighting in the kitchen, can transform your hub of the home into that masterpiece you have always dreamt of. There are lots of style options, that will light the pendants with beauty and practicality.

General rule- the larger the area you want to light, the bigger the pendant should be.

Where shall we put these pendants then…

When adding pendant lighting into the kitchen, the all important question is where to put it? The area in which you choose to hang the pendant lighting is to catch the eye of the guest and brighten up the space with a level of light that is required. You want to be able to draw the eye with an amazing light.

Hang a row of pendants in the centre of the room above an island to light the worktops (if you have one that is). Hanging these type of lights here creates a real focal point, and very useful for food prep (task lighting). If you have an open-plan kitchen space and a dining table is used in this room, consider hanging a row of pendant lighting above this, add bulbs with softer lighting for dinner parties to set the mood.

carrera marble quartz worktops rockandco

What size pendant is best…

Just because you may think that pendant lighting works better in a larger kitchen, this is not the case. The overall size of your kitchen does have to be considered but pendants do work in every kitchen. The height and the overall size of the space should dictate to you what size pendant you should be purchasing.

Small delicate pendants can easily get lost in a larger space, but will suit a smaller kitchen perfectly. Larger pendants can make a dramatic style statement in the hub of the home, but in a small kitchen it can dominate the room. If your kitchen offers lots of space, larger pendants will look great without overwhelming the rest of the room.

calacutta urban quartz white quartz with marble effect installed in barnet by rock and co

Installing those beautiful pendants…

When installing those beautiful pendant lights, you need to be precise about the measurements on the area where the lights will be placed. You need to take into account the size of your kitchen, the location where the lighting will be hung and the design of the shades.

Factors to take on board:

  • The bottom of the shade should hang no closer than 30 inches above the kitchen surface, and no higher than 36 inches. This will mean you will create a low-hanging effect from the lights that they are best loved for, but will allow you to use the space properly for food prep or a dinner party masterpiece.
  • If you are hanging more than one pendant in your kitchen, ensure there is a gap of 12 to 18 inches between each light, and between the end lights and edge of the surface.
  • With a singular pendant, it should be suspended in the centre of the surface, to make sure it doesn’t look misplaced.

piatra slate carrera grey quartz in kitchen

Choosing the perfect one for you and your style…

Once you have decided on where the pendant lights are going to be in your hub of the home, then the fun begins… choosing your pendant lights. There are many to choose from and one to suit your style and personality. It is a very popular style of lighting, so there will be one to meet your needs.

To add a modern twist to the kitchen, take a vintage style copper pendant light or a glass pendant and suspend it from the ceiling to give extra light that blends into the room, and warmth and depth to your design, like the one below in the picture. To add a modern artistry in the room, opt for large domed light shades. They are bold and come in an array of colours and materials to make a statement in your hub of the home, also perfect for a paler shade kitchen. A bundle of pendants will create a real design statement, and opt for ones that have different heights to give that ultimate complexion.

carrera white quartz worktops

Our customers pendant lighting in their hub of the home with the perfect Quartz worktops…

bianco foresta white quartz Our customer here has chosen to finish off their hub of the home with the Bianco Foresta style Quartz. It’s a beautiful colour and works very well in this cream kitchen. The pendant lighting that the customer has chosen above their kitchen island are cream singular pendants all in a row. They make a design statement as soon as you enter into this space and shows off their fabulous island in the centre of the room.

urban quartz bianco marmo suprema white quartz Our customer here has chosen to finish off their hub of the home with the stunning Bianco Marmo Suprema. This lighter worktops make a beautiful contrast between the darker shade cabinetry and flooring. A real design statement has been added to this kitchen with the pendant lighting above the kitchen island. Different shapes and heights have been styled with this kind of pendant and it has got the WOW FACTOR!

london grey carrera quartz worktops harpenden Our customer here has chosen the brand new London Grey Carrera. It sits beautifully next to the white cabinetry with the blue statement island in the centre of the kitchen space. The island has vintaged style pendants suspended above giving the ultimate task light, and a bold style statement that adds warmth and depth to the space.