“Coloured cabinets could be your new best friend!”

Is a bright and colourful style your kind of thing? The best way to create colour and brightness through the kitchen is through coloured cabinets. Monochrome is normally the style people go for in the hub of the home, as you see the whites and blacks come together, but if you like the sound of being different then a coloured cabinet could be your new best friend and certainly look great.

In this blog, colours will be discussed to add that splash of colour to your hub of the home, and how can you decorate the rest of the room to complement the look you have gone for.

A uniformed style of bright and bold colours…

Do you want to make a statement in the kitchen at first sight? Well choosing a uniformed colour scheme will work just this. Shades of red, blues and greens work best for this style. All cabinets across the kitchen should be applied with this colour.

To ensure all focus is on the colour of the cabinets opt for a glossy handleless finish, this will make the kitchen look stylish and clutter free. Other areas in the kitchen should be treated like a backdrop, so like the floor and worktops, most colours work with an oak floor and a light coloured quartz worktop. Wall colours should be kept light in tones of cream or whites depending on the colour of the cabinets.

To create an extra pop of colour, opt for a coloured wall tile to serve as a backsplash for the cooking areas. Red works with blue and green, blue works with purple, and green works with grey and violet shades.

bianco de lusso white quartz harpenden

A two-tone…

A two-tone colour palette is achieved by choosing two different colours which flatter eachother. Use around the kitchen to show off the different areas of the kitchen. The two-tone style is normally shown through the wall and floor cabinets, but can be shown through the cabinets and then a stand alone feature such as the kitchen island.

This colour style is the easiest way to add colour to the kitchen, and can be used in any kitchen, from small, to large, to contemporary, to traditional. Lighter colours are a good choice for a smaller kitchen to open it up. Blue, white and green are a perfect colour choice for this. In larger kitchens, colours such as deep purples can create a dramatic effect and work very well.

To work a backdrop with a two-tone palette you want to make the walls quite plain, and a statement tile to add texture to the room. Flooring can be a glossy style or a wooden tone and the worktops should be light.

rosso stella red starlight quartz worktops in grey kitchen

Make a statement with a feature…

Make a statement in the kitchen with the feature being a different colour to the rest of the cabinets, such as a kitchen island like the one below in the picture. A stand alone feature can certainly transform the entire room, if installed in the right colour. It is very much like the two-tone effect, where two colours have been used on the cabinetry.

The shade of colour for the kitchen island really depends on the overall effect you want to have in your kitchen. Green can help to create a country effect, greys are contemporary, reds can have a firey, bold effect and blues are bright and fresh.

london grey carrera quartz worktops harpenden

Our customers coloured cabinets…

calacutta urban quartz fitted september 16 Our customer here has chosen to finish off their hub of the home with a two-tone style on their cabinetry aswell as the worktops. The main run of the worktops are in Angola Black and the kitchen island is in the Calacutta. The wall units are a white and the bottoms cabinets and island are a grey. The colours create a beautiful two-tone palette with the dark wooden flooring.

carrera urban quartz Our customer here has chosen to create a sage green kitchen with the Carrera worktop. A beautiful traditional kitchen with the colours complementing eachother.

red starlight rosso stella urban quartz with grey glossy kitchen Our customer here has chosen the Rosso Stella style quartz to finish off their two-tone style kitchen. They have opted for a dark cabinetry on the bottom with white coloured cabinets on the wall. The red quartz breaks up the two-tone perfectly with a bright, boldness colour. This customer is certainly daring!

bianco minerale quartz worktops installed in large open plan kitchen Our customer here has chosen to finish off their two-tone style kitchen with the Bianco Minerale style quartz. As you can see the customer has opted for their kitchen island to be a different colour to the rest of the cabinetry in the kitchen. It makes it the focal point of the hub of the home, that will catch the eye of anyone who enters.

bianco de lusso white quartz harpenden Our customer here has chosen to finish off their hub of the home with the Bianco De Lusso style quartz. The customer has gone for a pretty blue for their cabinetry that will catch the eye of a guest, and the white quartz will complement the colour, showing it off to it’s best.

bianco stella white starlight quartz worktops rockandco Our customer here has chosen to finish off their soft, gleaming blue kitchen with the Bianco Stella style quartz. It is a beautiful blue colour that the customer has chosen for the cabinetry that works very well with the quartz worktops they have chosen.