“The kitchen is where we prefer it to be the lighest, brightest and feel most open, so what’s better at achieving them goals, than adding a mirror to the kitchen area”

Where do we generally think of a mirror…? In a bathroom? Well I do or a bedroom, but a mirror in the kitchen is a great idea. It may not be the accessory that you immediately think of to add to your kitchen, but adding this unusual accessory adds instant height and size to a kitchen, as well as making it feel larger. So if you are lacking in space in the kitchen, and it is a little tiny… then a mirror is just the one to be on your list when decorating your new kitchen.

Sometimes budgets are quite tight and everyone looks for “that something that will make a big impact” in the home. By adding a mirror it will deliver an unexpected addition, plus a very much deserved glamorous feel, and be cheaper than most things.

Where is good to place a mirror…

A long tall mirror that matches perfectly to the appliances and accessories in the kitchen is a must. Place on an empty wall that divides the kitchen from adjacent rooms, and give the illusion to any one that enters, that the kitchen extends in to other areas of the home. Reflect a line of pendants in the mirror and a lovely bunch of flowers that sits on the island, which will hit the right note on so many levels.

Dull corner in the kitchen…? Add a mirror!

If you have a small kitchen, add a single mirror to the entrance to create a feel of openness, that reflects other features in the kitchen such as a chandelier or beautiful cabinetry.

Got paneled walls? Add mirrors to this to give a look of an expanding space.

Love dainty, classy and glamrous looks? Add mirrors to your cabinetry. It adds character to the room, and light to a back area of the room.

Add a mirror to a shelf for an attractive design element. The kitchen is a place where most of your time will be spent, so why not make it attractive, with using the simplest of things.

Where the sink is normally situated in a kitchen we love to have a window above, but if this is something you are lacking in, then why not add a mirror above the sink! An instant touch of light, as well as a classy approach. How about using the mirrors as a splashback behind the hob with a mosaic feel. It certainly will make a focal point in the kitchen, and a very glamorous, vintage charm. Make sure you only go for tempered glass though!

Do not forget about them luxurious worktops from us! Choose a style that best matches your decor, as well as that all important mirror.


Rule of thumb- hang a mirror in the kitchen where it will reflect the good things of the room. You want an appealing view, so reflect the best aspects and features with a mirror.

One of our customers projects…

We went to revisit one of our jobs that we installed in July 2017 with the London Grey Carrera style quartz. They had finished their project in the hub of the home and we was allowed to revisit to take pictures and see how the customer felt after their kitchen was completed. They were extremley pleased! I had noticed that the customer had used a mirror in their very large kitchen to capture the beautiful light fixtures and hung above the sink, so I immediately thought it was best to add to this particular article, so you got a feel in how this customer achieved the look they wanted. Because the kitchen boasts perfect bi-fold doors looking out into the garden, the sink was not in a position where it could look out in to the garden, so the customer decided to add a mirror above the sink to create a lighter and brighter ambience in the kitchen. The finish of the mirror was a great choice and it looks out of this world!

Take a look below to see…

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