“A Kitchen Island is a great use for many things, but having the cooktop on top of this is just the best invention!”

Placing a hob on the kitchen island creates a more sociable and functional space. It is all about the multi-functional kitchen. The cook can join in and interact with their guests as they will face outwards in to the gossip. So no more fun behind your back. It is also perfect when the children want to do their homework, you can keep a close eye on them and help if needed.

The cooktop on the island doesn’t need to be the primary source for cooking. Having this as your secondary cooking source gives you the ultimate cooking experience needed to create that perfect dish. Whether you love to cook, bake, or entertain you can benefit from the extra cooking sources and spaces available on the counter tops and kitchen island. You really will be able to cook up a storm with many dishes cooking at the same time. PERFECT!

You can choose from gas or electric, and the choice is really down to you as it will be what is most prefered, cheapest option and most convenient. Sticking to your current hob is obviously the cheapest option, but if you are doing a whole kitchen renovation, and like multiple cook tops then YOU need to make the choice you go with. “Induction hobs” seem to be the ones to keep up with at the moment in modern times, as these seem to be the safest type of hob. The hob top on these remain cool to touch while the pan heats up. It may be worth looking into especially if you are parents of young children. No naked flames… so no burnt little fingers!

There are different options on what goes on top, like a glass top will provide the flattest surface, so you could potentially use this as extra work space. You could cover the area with a wooden block to prevent accidents when not in use.

When thinking about building the hob on to the kitchen island, it’s worth thinking about that there needs to be sufficent worktop space either side of the hob on the island. You will have to factor in with the size of your island… is there enough space for a hob?

Another factor to consider when deciding on a hob located on the kitchen island is you need to think of extraction! You could opt for a flush-mounted ceiling extractor or a pendant extractor. They both do the same job, but the flush-mount one will be built in, it does lower the look of the ceiling, but hides the mechanics of the extractor. On the other hand the pendant extractor will add a bold statement to your cooking area. If you really want to get technical you could always opt for a retractable extractor that can be built into the kitchen island. This option keeps the ceilings clear for them all important lights and creates a much more minimal kitchen approach. A hood ventilation system are the most effective option as heat rises. Easy to install and can match your decor. A downdraft ventilation system is not as efficient, but still get the job done. Some cooktops come with a downdraft built in to them. It can also double as a backsplash, if it is tall enough.

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“If you are tired of staring at a wall when cooking, then add a cook top in to your kitchen island for the ultimate gossip party! Cook and join in with the fun!”

Some of our Customers Kitchen Islands with their Cooktops

grigio chiaro pura quartz worktops in grey high gloss kitchen A perfect large kitchen island in the centre of this spacious kitchen with the all important cooktop on. It is located near to the ovens so not much walking is required when cooking. The cooktop is surrounded by our fabulous Grigio Chiaro Pura, which just looks perfect in this modern kitchen. Ample space to cook and join in on the fun when entertaining.

calacutta urban quartz in high gloss kitchen rockandco This amazing kitchen island situated in this beautiful kitchen has the cooktop placed in the centre. It is surrounded by the prestige Calacutta, that shows it’s beauty throughout. The cooktop is located by the oven, so another perfect kitchen that has all the cooking space near to each other.

bianco minerale urban quartz worktops installed This beautiful soft wooden kitchen island situated in the middle of this kitchen has the perfect cooktop on top of it. It is surrounded by the Bianco Minerale style quartz which just looks perfect. Ample room to cook up a storm in this modern kitchen.

urban quartz grigio de lusso breakfast bar This spacious kitchen has the ultimate party entertaining system right in the centre of it. The perfect hob has been placed on this kitchen island surrounded by lots of cooking space and equipment. The customer has opted for the Grigio De Lusso on their worktops and it just looks simply stunning.