“Attention coffee lovers, create your perfect morning brew in the most convenient spot, out of a stylish coffee station”

Just woken up and you need to warm up a little, get an energy boost… take to your coffee station for that refreshing treat, you will enjoy daily. Sometimes we do not have the money or time to queue up in Starbucks, so having your own barista’s dream is the right direction for you. Wake up, walk to the kitchen, brew up like a barista, coffee straight away!

A coffee station puts all your coffee equipment in to one place so it is easy to locate when you are in desperate need of that caffeine. Creating a space for all the essentials will make it more easy and impress your guests when they come over for a good old chat. I think your kitchen will be the place everyone wants to come to for a coffee. You can place this special system somewhere in your kitchen that is already there, or you can customized a place and custom build one to suit your style.

You need to think of all the necessary equipment you will need to create the perfect Barista’s dream…

  1. Coffee Makers
  2. Cups, saucers, mugs
  3. Sugar, flavoured syrups
  4. Coffee
  5. Grinders
  6. Trays
  7. Spoons


Get inspired online using Instagram, Pinterest, interior magazines, blogs, and us of course. This will make you think of ideas that you have never thought of before. You will have that amazing coffee station set up before you know it, with a little help from us 🙂

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Style a coffee machine right on top of your counter tops. Where else to get your counter tops from… us of course! Think about where would be the best place for it. You want to dedicate the space just for the drink making station, so a clear surface is ideal. If you have a small counter, you can still create a perfect stylish coffee station but use a tray instead. This will be able to hold all the necessary equipment on and not use up much space if you are lacking space. If there isn’t any room at all on the counter tops, you could use a food cart or side bar that is moveable. You could even integrate the coffee machine in to where the other appliances are, like the cooker.

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Customize your coffee station by creating a special cabinet for all the coffee necessities. If you have lots of room this idea is perfect, as you can hide it all away in a cupboard, so when not in use you can close the station up. Your kitchen will look less cluttered, so ideal if you are a neat freak. There are many options in customizing a coffee space, from built in cabinets and shelves with swing doors. Fit lights above for the ultimate light up station and make it a feature in the kitchen. Incoporate a book shelf in to the coffee station to give for shelf space and a different appearance.


To keep the station clean and tidy, adding hooks on the wall for the mugs and cups, installing shelving above for additional equipment like cups and coffee, will create a brilliant storage option that is handy for all users.

Fitting in with the Decor

Try to fit the coffee machine in with the decor of the kitchen. Match the colour scheme for a sleek look, or go bold and make it a feature in the kitchen with a pop of colour. For a minimalist look, create an uncluttered coffee station within a cabinet. Use a corner of the kitchen for the coffee station if you are lacking in space. With an industrial style kitchen, why not add steel canisters to put the ingredients in and keep within the theme you have created. Add a string of lights for a decorative appearance, and to lighten the mood at night and in the morning.

Adding a Splash of Colour

If your kitchen has been decorated in neutral colours, why not add a splash of colour to it when building the coffee station. This will make an amazing feature in the kitchen as well as making you want to use it all the time! How about creating the colour with the cups, mugs and decorative jars that the ingredients will go in. If using a tray or cart how about painting it to match your colour scheme or choosing one that suits your personality. Hang up wall art or a chalkboard to create a cafe style coffee station. You could even tile the area around it.

Cappucino anyone?