“You certainly do not need an industrial sized kitchen to work an industrial style!”

Stainless steel schemes and wooden flooring and furniture will soften up the industrial style you want to achieve by making it inviting and cosy. Industrial style kitchens celebrate a humid, practical and affordable style. It started off as an efficient work environment several decades ago, but today it’s becoming increasingly common in up market penthouses and villas abroard. The kitchen is the perfect room in the house to celebrate this certain style, and it’s a trend that never seems to die down. A real foodie will love this certain style for their kitchen, as it brings the chef like experience to life and in your very own home.

To go for the industrial style kitchen you need to be a lover for rough textures and distressed finishes, as this will give the ultimate goal in creating the perfect industrial style kitchen. These certain styles are becoming popular, and quite a few people opt for something a little rough and urban in the kitchen, especially when getting hands on, as the kitchen is a hand on experience in every day life. You can work the look with a softer trend like brushed metal surfaces, smooth brick style tiles and polished wood.

An industrial style kitchen needs to show the bare bones of the room, so rather than hiding it’s framework under plaster and paint, bring out the raw ingredients that structures the room and bring it out on show. Adding vintage chairs, retro lighting and reclaimed wooden furniture will give it a twist and add a grungy cool. The other important factor to consider is what will be on top. Well that’s simple because are Granite and Quartz will certainly look the bees knees in a grungy cool industrial style kitchen.

“These type of style kitchens are characterised by their exposed brick wall and reclaimed wood surfaces!”

Inject Some Colour

Injecting colour in to the room that is bare boned is a cool idea. It opens up the room to a bigger imagination and an awesome open plan space. With the features being neutral, like the exposed wooden beams, wooden surfaces and retro approach will stand out against the colour that is planned in to an industrial style.

Grey is a very popular colour choice to achieve an industrial style look, as it combines the steel grity look of the industrial style with contemporary sophistication. If you have exposed the brick walls and wooden beams, then to break up the deep teracotta colour is to opt for colourful accessories and fabrics.

A pastel colour is a great alternative to the popular colour choice GREY, it will serve a balance to an industrial setting.

Finishing Touches

Industrial touches finish off the industrial style kitchen you are after. Exposed pipework, chrome extraction fans, exposed brick walls, exposed wooden beams, reclaimed wooden floor, and pendant lighting takes you to a new level of understanding what an industrial style kitchen is. It provides a new level of interest into the space, and your guests will think they have walked in to a state of the art restaurant kitchen. Dark window frames are perfect to embrace the industrial style as it adds a gritty note to the room. If you have the option and are fortunate in adding a large window or doors to your kitchen- diner, then use a black frame to create a classic warehouse mood. Work a monochrome pattern too, to instantly lift the industrial vibe.

“The ultimate materials that make up an industrial style are brick, wood and metal!”

It goes without saying that if you pick the right decor and accesories that fit in to your style, creates the mesmerising space and shows off your unique personality. Using salvaged items such as chairs, DIY pendants, and customised shelves will offer a sense of exclusivity. Cosy up the space with knitted and colourful fabrics. Use brightly coloured ornaments to take the edge of the metal style for a relaxed mood.

To find the balance between modern and edgy overtones is inviting a sense of softness, glossy posh cabinets and worktops in to your kitchen. We have the perfect worktops here at Rock & Co to create this perfect unique style.


Add a little luxury with something that sparkles. Team wood and steel with a fabulous chandelier, or an incredible row, or single pendants for an inviting rough luxe scheme. These lights will add a maximum impact in to your kitchen. String lighting is also a great idea to work in the industrial style, by hanging lights on a traditional braided fabric. You can work a standard black, but why be boring when you can add a colourful cord to create an eye- catching piece to light the dinner table. Old factories have gorgeous light fixtures that hang from the ceiling, and you can create this technique with the correct hanging pendant. Perfect for over the top of that centre stage kitchen island, or the dining table. A great conversation piece in your kitchen.

If you are planning on creating a dare to bare wall, then choose a wall that catches the most light. It will create a gorgeous texture in the room, where the sunshine hits. This is a perfect style when you have an opened up space with sun lights and huge bi-folded doors. Add downlighters on the wall too, to continue the effect after dark. A warehouse feeling around the clock!

Add Concrete

Concrete added to the home is becoming more and more popular as we speak. It is used for walls, floors and ceilings. It gives off a great industrial look, that when left in it’s natural state it’s a terrific feature. It can have different finishes applied to provide more colour and design. A perfect place to entertain your friends in the most exciting ways.

Perfect Flooring

To really get the industrial look going on, add a dark wooden floor with a chevron or herringbone pattern. This type of flooring gives a truly vintage look. The industrial style is all about raw beauty of fine natural materials, and the right flooring will elevate the kitchen to a whole new level. Of course concrete is a great type of flooring too for the ultimate goal in an industrial look.

Smaller Kitchens

Smaller kitchens are great for bringing an industrial style to the main room in your home. Efficiency, frugality and ergonomics are the defining factors to make an industrial style, and what better way to work it than with a smaller kitchen. Pot racks are ideal to hang all of your dishes and kitchenware, as well as shelves that place things neatly away. Countertops from our Granite and Quartz ranges give plenty of wear and tear, to deliver usefulness in a small kitchen, that truly gives off a marvellous industrial appeal.


Open shelving is a great way of bringing industrial beauty to life in your kitchen. Floating shelves in in raw wood or stainless steel offer the necessary contrast. It allows you to use the complete vertical space without taking up room on the surfaces, and making it look too cluttered.

“An industrial style kitchen will team beautifully with our Granite and Quartz worktops.”

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