We had the pleasure of working with Lorraine Pascale this month on her kitchen revamp, by installing the Grigio Medio Stella quartz.

First we sent Paul to carry out the laser template of the worktop to be replaced, this file came back to us and we loaded it up on our CNC saw to cut and finish the worktops. Our stone masons hand finished all the cutouts, bevels and edges.

Next we headed back to install the worktops with Jack, James, Lee and Anthony.

As you can see the Grigio Medio Stella is looking spectacular with it’s mid grey tone and sparkly mirrors, perfect for somebody always in the spotlight!

You will see Lorraine on TV shows such ‘Home Cooking made Easy’, ‘Fast fresh and Easy’ and ‘How to be a better cook’ on the BBC as well as in the states, ‘The Worst Bakers’ and ‘The Holiday Baking Championships’.

Lorraine has also written books including ‘Baking Made Easy’, ‘Home Cooking Made Easy’, ‘Lorraine Pascale’s Fast Fresh and Easy Food’ and ‘A Lighter Way To Bake’.

Visit Lorraine’s website to keep up to date with what she’s up to.

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