Rock and Co is expanding into a town near you!

Well for now we will be venturing into Cambridgeshire, but this is all part of our vision for the future so watch this space, your town could be next.

We have decided on Cambridgeshire as our second showroom location due to the popularity of our products and services in this area for the last two years. It would be mad for us not to help reach out to more homeowners in and around Cambridgeshire.

Below we will keep you updated with the latest developments.


We are currently bidding on a unit in Cambridge and as soon as we have more details they will be published here first!


We are looking likely to be in our new unit in Cambridge as soon as the first week of June, then building work can start, electrics, lighting, showroom, factory, storage and much more can all take place.


We now have a Cambridge phone number which is 01223 755 159 and have appointed Lee Pluthero as our Cambridge Branch Manager.


We have the keys and have started construction work inside our new factory. Some pictures below showing the outside.


We are excited to announce one of our brand new Intermac CNC machines will be installed at our Cambridge branch, find out more on our new Intermac CNC equipment here


Levelling of the floor ready for the new Intermac saw!



Our latest update is to let you know that our temporary showroom is now open, we require all visitors to pre-book on our website or over the phone to ensure we are able to deal with your enquiry in the best way. The idea of our temporary showroom is to allow us to start to show our products to you until our permanent showroom is built.

We look forward to seeing you, book a showoom appointment here