The latest investment by Rock & Co, announced today by Director Anthony Morgan

“We have recently visited Italy, the home of the world’s best stone equipment manufacturers. We went looking for a brand new saw to enable us to move further ahead of our competition and the final demonstration we had was with Intermac, they showed us the MASTERSAW 625 which has capability far beyond our existing equipment and can deliver maximum efficiency and quality.”

“I am excited to announce today that Rock & Co has signed our agreement for purchase of a brand new MASTERSAW 625 which is due to be installed and commissioned within 2-3 months.”

“This saw will enable us to deliver a more efficient service to our domestic and trade customers while improving the tools and equipment for our staff”

“We will keep you updated on progress in this article as and when we have any more details but for now check out some of the specs and features of this saw below”

Anthony Morgan

Download the Intermac Mastersaw 625 brochure


Maximum piece that can be machined on the support work table for cutting processes 3500×2000 mm
Maximum piece that can be machined on the aluminium work table for finishing processes (with 3-axis grinding wheel, 100mm diameter) 3500×2000 mm
Min – Max disc diameter on support work table 400 – 625 mm
Min – Max disc diameter on aluminium work able – * only on suction cups H = 213mm 400* – 625 mm
Z-axis stroke (aluminium work table) 650 mm
C-axis stroke -45° – +365 °
A-axis stroke -10° – +100°
Maximum speed of X axis m/min 60
Maximum speed of Y axis m/min 50
Maximum speed of Z axis m/min 15
Electrospindle power kW 20 (S1) – 26 (S6)
Max electrospindle rotation rpm 6000
Tool change attachment ISO 50
Tool magazine (optional) Max 33 positions
Power required kW 40
Machine weight kg 11,000
Overland shipment 2 full articulated lorries (13.60 m)
Shipment via sea Two 40’ OT containers