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1124 Amalfi

Inspired by the waves hitting the shore with the refreshing breeze of the Mediterranean winds: Amalfi.

It is easy to clean the Belenco quartz surfaces and they are designed to improve your life quality. It is always hygienic due to its stain-resistant structure and it requires very little maintenance. It does not need any protective chemical or polish because it protects its natural shiny look for a long time.

Belenco is a hygienic surface that does not absorb liquid, is non-porous, does not stain with its compact structure, does not allow micro-organisms to reproduce in its body. The hygienic structure of Belenco is certified by NSF and NSF51, on which food can be prepared safely. You do not need to apply special chemicals to maintain hygiene.

A damp, cotton cloth and a small amount of soft neutral liquid detergent (glass surface cleaner or dish detergent) are enough for daily cleaning. If you remove dripping or smeared residues from the surface without drying and turning into permanent dirt, you can maintain its first-day shine and naturalness for years with a simple daily cleaning. After cleaning with detergent, it is important that you rinse the surface thoroughly with enough water and then dry it, so that both your health and the natural appearance of the surface will not be damaged over time. Because Seta surfaces are textured, they are more sensitive to stains and require more frequent maintenance.

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