“Spotlights are a subtle way of lighting the kitchen area!”

Spotlights are a creative approach to alter the ambience of your kitchen to suit any mood or occasion. You can use spotlights to achieve a variety of different aesthetics like, a practical space to prepare the food, or to showcase a centrepiece in a more dramatic way.

How do we illuminate the key areas of the kitchen…?

Make an entrance…

You can really make a bold entrance with a spotlight. Wow all your guests with a spotlight! Place it directly above the kitchen door to turn it into a feature other than a functional part of the kitchen. If you have a beautiful rustic door, the spotlights will showcase this and make it a dramatic feature in the hub of the home. If you have gone for an attractive tiled floor the spotlight will bring it to life.

Make your guests feel glamorous with that ultimate mirror

If you have decided to hang a mirror in the kitchen to give the ultimate impact and make the space feel larger, placing warm white spotlights above the space can let you and your guests feel their best when entering and leaving the hub of the home.

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Show off your island

If your kitchen provides the ultimate island, then using spotlights is the best way to illuminate this area perfectly. You want to showcase it to all who enters and downlights can help. LED spotlights placed at the bottom of the island, provides a clever floating visual effect to make it really the focal point in the kitchen.

Bouncing the light…

Buy spotlights to bounce the lights from the walls, cupboards or appliances to create the illusion of the space.

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Make a shelf look dramatic…

Lots of people use a practical shelf to showcase their china, cookbooks or ornaments. Turn it into something more inspiring with spotlights mounted underneath the shelf or cupboards above. You want to be able to showcase the items on display, so with a spotlight in hand, it can create a dramatic effect to show off that beautiful china and the cookbook collection you have.

Turn the spotlight on you…

If you have an open-plan space and a dining table has been added to the hub of the home, you want to be able to light up the table and showcase the food you have made for your guests. Spotlights with a dimmer switch provide you with the ideal solution to illuminate occasions of different moods. Turn the spotlights up and they can provide a light, airy space to eat breakfast on those dark, cold mornings, or set low to create a lighting mood for a romantic meal or an occasional meal.

calacutta urban quartz white quartz with marble effect installed in barnet by rock and co

Create a huge burst of light in the hub of the home…

Place some spotlights in the cupboard to give a burst of light into the space. It can be especially effective if the room has been dimmed for a meal or occasion.

Create a glare-free practical space…

When creating a space for food prep, you want to be able to make sure you have the correct lighting above to enable to work efficiently. Spotlights are an ideal practical way to help you finish the job. Place them at either side of your counter and create a glare-free space to prepare your meals.

3D effect…

Balance the spotlights carefully alongside the the main light fixtures in your kitchen space to create a more three-dimensional effect, that can be altered to create the ambience you prefer. The layer of light can create a dim, shadowy effect to a brightly well-lit room and everything inbetween.

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“Make your hub of the home a talking point amongst your guests, with the spotlights enhancing the best bits!”

Our customers kitchens with their spotlight ideas…

grigio de lusso urban quartz kitchen worktops Our customer here has chosen the Grigio De Lusso style quartz to finish off their hub of the home. They have chosen spotlights to suit their mood and based them around the edges of the ceiling. A perfect way to illuminate the key features of the kitchen.

grigio chiaro stella stanstead abotts Our customer here has chosen the Grigio Chiaro Stella style quartz to finish off their hub of the home. Spotlights have been added to the centre of the kitchen with a purple light added underneath the cabinets to create a great accent light to all who enters.

bianco de lusso white quartz in grey kitchen Our customer here has chosen the Bianco De Lusso style quartz to finish off their hub of the home. Spotlights have been installed above the large island in the centre of this kitchen to highlight it and make it the focal point.

london grey carrera quartz worktops harpenden Our customer here has chosen the London Grey Carrera style quartz in their kitchen. Spotlights have been added behind the pendants that are suspended over the large island in the middle of the kitchen to add extra accent lighting to the room. The mirror has also been added as a highlight feature in this hub of the home that will boost the burst of light from the bi-fold doors on the left.

carrera marble quartz worktops rockandco Our customer here has chosen the Carrera style quartz to their hub of the home. The spotlights have been set up again behind the pendants that are suspended above the island centred in the kitchen space. The spotlights highlight the island but most importantly the exposed brick work around the cooking area.