Quartz Splashbacks

Quartz Splashbacks

Splashbacks are a functional element of the kitchen, they are more increasingly becoming an extension of the worktop and a statement piece on their own.

Why do I need a splashback?

This is the functional side of the splashback that you choose. The splashback is normally installed behind a hob or sometimes even a sink. Behind the hob it will offer a good solution to protecting your walls from spitting fats during cooking, splashing of sauces or other food related spillages and mess. You will be able to easily and quickly clean these areas (even when left until after you have eaten and washed up!).

You will also want a splashback for the aesthetic improvement it offers, why settle for a plain wall when you could extend your worktop up the wall! With Granite or Quartz you will be able to flow the pattern/design of these natural stone’s up the wall, which really looks amazing and it’s our recommended solution. Sometimes a Granite or Quartz slab has off-cuts which are big enough for your splashback so you can save money overall on your kitchen materials.

Is Quartz a good material for my Splashback?

In this article we are talking about if you opt for a Quartz Splashback, so is Quartz a good solution for a splashback? Of course! There are many advantages to using Quartz over other materials such as, tiles, wood, stainless steel etc and some of these are:

  • Non-porous anti-bacterial surface
  • High stain resistance
  • High scratch resistance
  • Colour-fast (no fading or colour change)
  • No grout lines to collect dirt
  • Worktop design/colour/pattern can flow

Also because Quartz stone is available in 20mm and 30mm these will be some of the thickest and toughest materials available for a splashback.

Another great reason to select Quartz (or Granite) from us is our laser templating, if you let our laser template technician know you will require splashbacks from your worktop material he can create a template for this area too, making your splashback completely made-to-measure – which many splashback materials let alone manufacturers can manage.

What do Quartz Splashbacks look like?

We have put together a selection of images from our actual completed jobs here at Rock and co, they all have Quartz Worktops and Quartz Splashbacks.

What other options are there?

There are a huge range of splashback materials on the market these days, a non-exhaustive list:

  • Granite
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Glass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Acrylic
  • Corian
  • Laminate

An example of a Quartz kitchen worktop we installed where the customer chose a ceramic tile splashback. We think it looks superb so we do advise you to go with your own preference when choosing a splashback.

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