Everyone wants the kitchen to look good with organisation and space, and what better way to make it look great than with a few simple tricks that give you the best storage solutions. There’s no such thing as a “too small” space, and with these great ideas you can have your smaller space looking organised in no time, as well as look great next to that marvelous granite or quartz work top.

Climb the ladder

Transform a plain wooden ladder with a touch of colour and hang all your kitchen utensils, so they are always close to hand. This provides a striking display as well as a practical storage unit that fits in to the most awkward of spaces. You could make it stand out with a pop of colour, or use a cool white or grey against a brightly coloured wall and that all important stunning granite. Make the perfect balance of colours.


Bar and beyond

A perfect style you could create is getting a shelf and a few brackets to create a unique breakfast bar. This will bring a space-saving style to your kitchen as well as the perfect idea if you are lacking space. You could also have this made by us with up stands/self supporting from our granite. Make the most unique bar and be the envy of your friends.


Peggy StyleThe pegboard is the perfect handy tool organiser and can hold much more than you think. Incorporate a shelf on the top to store tools and untensils that you want to show off but don’t use on a regular basis. Get your DIY on by creating the perfect pegboard that will hold all those important items you are always reaching for. This could make a timeless piece in your kitchen and mix in well with that breathtaking granite.


As high as the ceiling

Space on top of the cabinetry is not a wasted space and can be used for stashing any extra bits that you don’t need on a day to day basis. You could also use it to store and show off them timeless editions or the china you may of inherited. Purchasing a stool would be great for this to access the items you cannot reach.

Hot trend right now

Open shelves are the latest trend right now in kitchens and they also help to open up cramped spaces. They suit both classic and contemporary schemes and look magnificent in modern kitchens. You could opt to paint the shelving in the same colours as the walls so they seemingly disappear into the background, or paint them in a contrasting colour so they stand out and make an attractive appearance.


“Bringing colour to a smaller kitchen can open up the space and make it feel bigger”