Choosing the right floor to compliment your Quartz or Granite worktop

Using different materials…

Choosing a wooden floor to compliment your worktop is a great idea as it works well together and brings out the colours in both of the products. Beautiful!

If you feel daring enough you could opt for a contrasting look where you could have a completely different colour on the floor to the work top. Try to be careful when choosing the colour of the flooring as Quartz or Granite rarely contains the one solid colour and this may clash with the colour of the floor you choose, but a grey toned floor could look amazing with a deep red Quartz or Granite worktop. If you prefer to play it safe then choosing plain colours within the floor and work tops will look great for example; a white worktop with a dark wooden floor as you know white will go with anything or a black top will look stunning and sleek against a wooden floor. You could also choose the same colour like a dark wooden floor with a rich brown top.

Not choosing too much of a colour contrast…

When choosing a floor it may be good to avoid lots of colour as it may create an eyesore, as where the kitchen is one of the main areas in a home where entertaining takes place this needs to catch the eye of a guest. If you do like lots of colour then ensuring the differences of the colours are subtle. A checkered floor can work perfectly in a kitchen but with a solid colour worktop as you do not want to make it feel cluttered.

Granite and Quartz is a natural stone and it does make sense if it is paired with other natural tones such as rock and mineral colours in the flooring.

Choosing the same finishes…

If you want to reflect the light and fancy a shiny kitchen then both the worktops and the flooring should be glossy you may even have glossy cabinets and you may want it all to match. You want the eye to be drawn to all features and not just one as one will look duller than the other. It is all about the balance at the end of the day!

Choosing the right style…

Modern or Traditional? Deciding on the style that you are opting for in your kitchen will make it easier on choosing the floor and worktop combination.

For a Traditional kitchen it is best to stick with a natural theme giving the traditional look you are after. Creams, browns, yellows and greens create this.

If it is a modern kitchen you are after then bold colours are the one for you. You could go crazy with the colour or you could just keep it subtle and bold.

Take a look below at some of our customer’s projects where the floor has complimented the work top, maybe there is one that catches your eye and gives you a sense of direction with the perfect idea to create your fabulous kitchen.