Bar stools are a must have in a kitchen. Who doesn’t have them? They have taken the world by storm with their unique styles, colours and heights giving that ultimate class and fabulous feel when you walk in to that kitchen area. They allow guests and family members to prop up next to you when you are wining and dining them or even yourself when eating the odd quick snack.

They are an ideal flexible seating system whether you have a small kitchen with a fold out breakfast bar or a purpose built kitchen island.

If your kitchen doesn’t include an overhand for stools and you love the concept fear not as a tall table can do the job just as well. Instant bar, instant welcome and instant wine headquarters. They can also furnish a games room or be added to that project of a handmade bar area.

Three heights to a Bar Stool

Bar Stool

These are usually used at the portion of the kitchen counter that is raised up usually higher than the rest of the counter. This is normally 42 inches high than the normal 36 inch.

Counter Stool

These are designed to fit under a standard height counter which is 36 inches tall. A counter stool ranges from 24 to 26 inches.

Stadium Stool

These are the tallest of them all and are often used when extra height is needed for example watching the television. They are designed to be used under a 48 inch high table or counter top, the seat height ranges from 34 to 36 inches high.


All stools mix with different styles and materials to give that look you are after and will look great especially next to that granite worktop. Mixing stools with different styles is a time-honoured method of bringing warmth and comfort to your home.

There are so many designs to choose from including industrial metal bar stools, wooden bar stools, oak bar stools and retro or cheap plastic bar stools so you will certainly find the perfect one for you and your decor. They add personality and this is where you can get creative with your style by even matching the lighting pendants with the bar stools for that balance of colour.

Have your say in what you want your bar stools to say in your kitchen.

We certainly like here at Rock & Co modern white leather chrome bar stools matched with black or white granite to add glamour.


Comfort is a big must on seating arrangements and what better way to research than reading the following on our thoughts of a perfect comfy stool.

Comfort depends on personal taste but one of the main factors to consider when purchasing your stools is if the stools are going to be used for small children or elderly people as we want to provide something comfy don’t we.

You could opt for tie-on cushions as these add fun and comfort and also that important statement next to that granite worktop. You could add a pop of colour or keep it sleek by matching with the granite work top. They pad the seat for that extra comfort making it better to sit on if you choose to go for a hard wood or metal bar stool.

Foot rests on a stool are a necessity as this adds comfort. Who wants to sit up high and have their legs dangle?

Creating a minimalistic look is perfect with a backless stool and also perfect where space is limited.

Take a look below at some of our customers projects with their bar stools matching in the decor with the style of the work top.

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