In this short article we wanted to talk about price matching and whether it is realistic for us as a company and you our client.


Firstly if we look at quality, it is a sad fact that as with most industries, the stone industry which was once known for quality has gradually reduced in quality, for a number of reasons. The internet is one reason where cost savings are the top priority, the internet opens the door for many ‘one-man-band’ operations hiding being a nice looking website and also the ability to purchase a worktop online. We want to stress that purchasing your kitchen worktop online is not a bespoke service and leaves a lot to be desired in terms of quality, choice and finish.

At Rock & Co we deliver on quality above all else, quality service (start to finish and beyond), quality products and a quality lasting finish.


Value is an important factor in any purchasing decision you make. Value doesn’t just mean low cost, value means value for money. If you purchase a product with a higher initial outlay but in the knowledge it will last longer you would probably pay the extra, I know I would! The alternative is to go after low price, there are plenty of companies and ‘one-man-bands’ who will offer this.

At Rock & Co we believe we deliver great value for money, especially when you take into consideration all of the advantages of using us, from our product range to the fantastic quality, care and service, where even after installation we are here for you.

Price matching

The final part of this article is price matching. It is generally expected that as we advertise all over the internet we would be the cheapest quartz worktop supplier and able to price match.

Unfortunately we don’t make any claims to being able to price match, what we do claim is to be able to save you money on overpriced quotes you may have had from your kitchen supplier, which is why we say we could save you up to as much as 50%.

In order to price match we would have to assume a ‘like-for-like’ product, service and quality. The chances are that this doesn’t exist, so we will do our best for you and thats all we can do!