The 4 E-s of the Rock & Co ExpEriEncE

When we decided to create an experience for our customers we thought about what it was we already did well and how we could bring the whole process of buying a kitchen worktop to life. The kitchen is all about life, it’s where you prepare food, eat food, drink and chat, so ultimately your kitchen worktop will play a big part of that, the last thing you want is a rough experience…you want the Rock & Co Experience.

So what are the 4 E-s, these are a tangible way to explain some of what you will get from the experience, there is going to be a lot more along the way but below are the 4 main

We promise to be:


When we say during your experience with us, we will be ‘earnest’, what do we mean? The definition of the word ‘earnest’ talks about being ‘serious in intention, purpose or effort and showing sincerity of feeling. Therefore during your experience, in practice everything we do from inviting you to our showroom, designing the worktops to the fabrication and final installation are done following our tried and tested methods, fully trained employees, processes and procedures and much more. This aims to put your mind at rest and give you the best possible service.


What do we mean by being ‘ethical’? We are transparent through and through for starters, we show you our facilities, our team and the work we do every week. We give you a clear understanding of the price, any extras and what the bespoke service is all about. We are professionals with over 10 years in the industry as Rock & Co and especially when combined with the many skillsets we bring together, from dedicated customer care to seasoned stone masons. We are proud to say our team love their jobs and enjoy all things worktops.

You will gain:


Our aim is to redefine and innovate in the Granite & Quartz industry. Part of our commitment is to ensure we share our knowledge with our customers, both domestic and trade; afterall when you have had your ‘experience’ we would love for you to tell others about it too. So what sort of things will you learn then? Well as an example Matt Woods said recently “I for one have worked for the company for over 5 years but not until a few weeks ago during some hands on activity in the factory did I realise that a 45degree joint is actually not a 45degree joint. The 45degree joint i’m talking about is for when you have a worktop and matching end panel. Rock and Co produce two 46degree joints to ensure there is space for the resin while getting the join down to 1mm, something you can read more about in my article ‘The 46 degree joint”. We are not here to give you an education in worktops, but we hope you do learn something along the way.


Simple, we want you to enjoy your experience… it needs no explanation!

Want to learn more? Give us a call on 01992 535059, or why not pop down to our showroom to start your experience today.