The JET 625 is a new saw we are looking at purchasing for our new Granite factory in Cambridge opening this Summer.

JET 625 information

The JET 625 is a 5 interpolated axis CNC bridge mill, with a Z axis stroke of 400mm, rotating blade head able to swivel from -5 to +365 degrees and tilting from 0-90 degrees.

It can perform oblique, circular and elliptical cuts, and almost all types of shaping and digging.

The extremely precise dimensions and high output are now available to us due to the sliding of the axes X and Y that occur on recirculating linear bearing guides and racks with hardened and ground teeth, both with centralised grease lubrication.

Technical schedule
Max number of interpolated axes 5
Vertical stroke Z axis mm 400
Blade-carrying head rotation (C axis) gradi -5° / 365°
Blade-carrying head tilting (A axis) gradi 0 / 90°
Working table dimensions mm 2400 x 3800
Maximum disc diameter mm 625
Maximum cutting depth mm 200
Spindle power kW 13 / S6
Tool rotation with optional Tools / Top ISO 40 rpm 0 / 5000
Minimum blade diameter mm 400
Approx. total weight of the machine kg 5300