“The NEFF drawers let you concentrate on your cooking and provide you with excellent results”

Do you love to entertain family and friends when cooking? NEFF warming drawers give you the best peace of mind, so you don’t have to worry about the food getting cold. They will seamlessly fit into your design and the integrated style will add a touch of class and timeless convenience. They are a perfect accessory to your hub of the home with the ultimate Quartz worktop.

NEFF Warming Drawers…

Cook with ease with one of these. Melt chocolate, prove bread and most importantly it keeps your meals warm before serving. They are made with the intelligence to support you when cooking. They can store up to 40 plates or 192 espresso cups in the large drawer, or it can keep up to 12 plates warm in the smaller one. There are different settings for food warming or defrosting to keep your cooking process simple. Cookware and utensils can be kept warm until all of your guests arrive. And when you are ready to serve, just simply push the sleek opening mechanism and it will pop out and let you serve your dishes with ease.

NEFF Accessory Drawers…

The NEFF accessory drawers are designed to create extra space. They are the space invention for your ideas. The preperation of a four course meal can take up quite a bit of space, and with the accessory drawer they can turn into an ideal place to store your accessories when they are not in use. When the kitchen piles up with vegetables you need some more room to prepare the main dish, the NEFF accessory drawers will get things out of the way. The smaller drawers store up to 14 dinner plates or 64 espresso cups, so the perfect freedom you want for a great cooking session is available with one of these.

NEFF Warming Drawers available to purchase…

NEFFN17HH11N0B Warming Drawer – Stainless Steel- £460.00 Currys

NEFFN17HH10N0B Warming Drawer – Stainless Steel- £464.00 Currys

NEFFN17HH20N0B Warming Drawer – Stainless Steel- £463.00 Currys

NEFFN17ZH10N0 Accessory Drawer – Stainless Steel- £324.00 Currys