Pots and Pans are used alot in daily tasks and recipes, frying to boiling to stewing. A good cook never blames their tools, so having these top pots and pans will make you the best cook in town. Sometimes you may need to declutter or purge the outdated ones, so it is hard to know what equipment is best to have in the modern kitchen. If you follow my list of what’s best and how to use each one you will be on to a winning kitchen.

A 12-inch and 10-inch Skillet

They are perfect for browning off meats and vegetables and large quanties of them. They are also excellent for braising and reducing sauces. Stainless steel- it is a heavy material that can retain a lot of heat. Heavy cast iron- may take a while to pre-heat, but once hot it will sear a steak like you have never seen before. Pan-roasting in this is perfect! Non-stick- perfect when cooking eggs regulary. They are handy to have when dealing with sticky, wet foods.

These new Ultimum high density forged skillets feature a unique Ultra Total non-stick system. They are available in 3 different sizes and start from £30.00 at John Lewis. Passionate cooks will love these as they can go on the hob and in the oven too!

A Large Enameled Dutch Oven

They are heavy-bottomed and simply amazing. They conduct heat well and perfect for slow cooking stews, casseroles and soups. They will last forever and the enamel coating will never come off however many times you wash it. You can match your colour scheme as they come in an array of colours. Perfect for on top of the stove and in the oven.

The Le Creuset Round Signature Casserole dish is an essential kitchen classic. They are expensive but you know that it will last for years and make tender tasty recipes within. It is specially designed to enhance your cooking. It comes in 20cm, 24cm and 28cm diameter. They start from £159.00 at John Lewis.

A Wok

A very versatile tool in the kitchen. It is the ultimate kitchen tool that’s perfect for that Saturday night stir-fry. It is the best vessel in deep-frying. They have a large shape to them that’s great to fit plenty of food. It is always good to have a non-stick one. They should also be seasoned before use so you can get the very best out of the wok.

This is a very stylish wok that has a dial of 24cm. It features a non-stick coating and will make cooking a stir-fry an easy breeze. It is £18 from John Lewis.

Stock Pot

Every kitchen should have a large stock pot in the cupboard. Save scraps from meat and make a supply of stock to last a while. It can cook at least 4 to 5 pounds of pasta too, so having a party and the menu is Spag Bowl, then this is perfect for cooking up that spaghetti.

This is a classic stockpot from John Lewis. It is constructed of premium grade stainless steel which provides excellent durability. It features a non-drip pouring rim, so perfect for preventing the liquid boiling over. Excellent heat distribution is one of the main pros to this stock pot and is suitable for all hob types. It holds a capacity of 11L and is £85.

Saucepans/ Saucier

Perfect to cook hard-boiled eggs, pasta, medium-sized batches of rice, soup and beans and grains.

This fabulous stainless steel set from John Lewis is perfect for all types of cooking. They are suitable for all types of hobs including induction. They are £90.00.