“We all want a green way of life, so read these top tips to create a very green kitchen!”

When thinking about eco-friendly, we automatically think of eating green. There are other ways to make a healthy kitchen such as, energy-efficient food preperation, cleaning habits, using equipment made from sustainable materials, and dodging toxic chemicals.

The kitchen is where food scraps will be and where you will potentially gain more waste. Putting in to place simple things will transform your kitchen in to that eco-friendly space you have always been wanting, and that the planet will love!

Making Things Last

We don’t want to be spending lots of money all the time on cookware and utensils in the kitchen, so purchasing more expensive ones and with non-stick surfaces will gain a useful life, and last a very long time. Stainless steel and cast iron is a great idea too. Choose sturdy utensils that cost more and you know will be of a high-quality. Sometimes spending a bit more money is cheaper as you won’t be buying so many things so many times. Look at purchasing high-quality knives that you can sharpen by hand. How about looking at the latest technology for the kitchen today. This could be proven to cost more, but think about in the long run… what will last longer?

Reduce Energy Costings

Look at energry-efficient appliances. Energy-efficient upgrades in technology are becoming the norm for many new appliances. A dishwasher that has energy-efficient ratings on it can use a lot less water than washing the dishes by hand in the sink. Not putting all fruit in the fridge can also save on your food. So if you are thinking of purchasing a new fridge, purchase a smaller one and place less in, as this will save your lots on energy and food. Trendy appliances are great but they can produce more waste than they save. Choose between gas or electric. Gas is proven to be a popular choice for keen cooks, as they prefer to work with control temperatures, they can offer instant heat and don’t waste much heat when the cooking is done. Electricity uses induction elements which uses less than half the energy of standard coil elements. Electric stoves are proven to be a healthier option than gas, due to the Co in the air that is produced, so choosing the option that will last a decade in your household, due to the price and lifestyle, will be the greenest choice you can make.

Reuse and Recycle

Recycle your food scraps for compost. Perfect for the serious gardener. A compost bucket can be a neatest product for the kitchen. They can fit in to the perfect space in your kitchen without causing a fuss, and create a perfect eco-friendly space and lifestyle. Keep your recycling bin in sight so you can recycle all items that can be recycled, instead of acidentally throwing them out. When going to the shops take your own bags. Maybe when choosing single fruit and vegetables that you don’t put them in to the clear plastic bags. When cooking avoid over-sized portions. Create a convenient recycling system that is for glass, paper, plastic and metal. Approximately half of the country’s population has curbside recycling programmes.

Bulk Up

One of the best ways to go green in the kitchen is to buy local produce. It can always be freezed, for instance your fruit and vegetables. Buying in bulk will cost less, reduce the amount of packaging and reduce travel emissions from going back and forth to the shops. Plan ahead with family meals that can feed you and your family for a few days, and keep things in reusable containers.

“When heating water, just heat what you need!!”

Clean Drinking

 You will save money over buying bottled water in the long run, plus the energy used everytime the tap is turned on. Filtered products such as a Brita filter is a great way of making the water better.