New alert!!!!

Brand new for 2018… The Symphony Carrera

We could not let this go without featuring this for this week’s “Kitchen of the week”.

New to our premium collection is the Symphony Carrera. It is a beautiful grey colour that features various shades throughout. It also has a white vein and subtle sparkle making it a one-of-a-kind piece of stone.

Our customer wanted to choose a little something different for their hub of the home and their eyes were drawn to this stunning stone. (We are not surprised). It matches perfectly with the light shaker style grey/green cabinets that are here in this kitchen space. A flush windowsill has also been designed into the style making the kitchen see extra natural light and more worktop space. We love this feature and not a lot of people know about it! It also makes you be a little more minimalistic and not have a cluttered windowsill.

This is a spacious L-shape open-plan kitchen with lots of storage space. A double sink also lies underneath the large run of windows. As you will see the kitchen isn’t finished yet but we can’t wait to send our photographer down to see the finished result.

We are also looking forward to this particular quartz being very popular and installing more of these.

Let’s take a look at this kitchen in action…