“Handles can be traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between!”

You have obviously chosen to choose a design with handles in your hub of the home, as you are reading this blog, so I take you into the world of handles to choose for your scheme.

Choosing the door handles on your cabinetry is the finishing part of any kitchen design. It is an essential part of the designing process and can flatter and enhance the entire room, or clash and disrupt a beautiful styled hub of the home if a poor choice has been made.

Handles are available in all shapes, sizes, colours and different materials. Silver knobs are an obvious choice, but how can we choose a handle that is something a little away from it?

You need to make sure the handles fit in with your design of the kitchen, aswell as still creating a multi-functional kitchen for you and your family.

Think about the quality and how they are made…

How many times are you going to open and close the cupboard doors and drawers?

You want something to be reliable as well as comfortable and all importantly stylish. It’s probably best to try out all the different handles that suit your taste and check your grip on them. Bigger hands and people with arthritis in their fingers will need the correct handles, so making sure you have selected the correct handles is vital.

Is your kitchen traditional?

Drop handles, or cup handles are perfect for a traditional style kitchen. They provide a very sophisticated look, that still creates a traditional feel. Traditional style cabinets will create the perfect ambience with an old-world style handle. Create a combination with both styles and let the country style out.

Is your kitchen contemporary/modern?

With flat-fronted style cabinets and drawers a simple handle will create a very sleek, and contemporary look. Take a look at slim bar rectangular handles or softly curved barrel handles to create clean lines and style within the modern decor.

How about a combination?

You may be a bit of both- traditional and modern, so how about combining the two and creating something truly spectacular. Choose a modern minimalist kitchen cabinet, but add a traditional touch with a old-world style handle. They work wonders together.

bianco foresta white quartz worktops rockandco

What materials have you used for your features?

Granite and Quartz worktops will match perfectly with a polished chrome or brushed silver handle.

Stainless steel appliances will work beautifully with a silver, chrome finished handle.

Make a flawless design with wooden cabinetry complementing wooden knob handles.

Other options…

How about choosing handles that are a similar style to the handles on your appliances? Some of the appliances on today’s market have long slim rectangular handles, so why not choose handles for your cabinetry that match your appliances. What a perfect idea! It will keep the clean lines within the kitchen and not be a miss match of style.

Bar handles…

This is a popular handle choice within the market today, and suits almost any kitchen style, from traditional, to modern, to a minimalist approach. Depending on the length of the bar, it can reduce the amount of handles needed, great for people who love a more streamline design.

Copper T Bar Handle

Chrome Effect Square Bar Handle

Stainless Steel Effect T Bar Handle

Nickel Effect Chunky Bar Handle

Bow handles…

The curved handle is perfect for a slim line design within the kitchen that is great to design a modern approach. They are ideal against gloss and matte cabinetry and can either make a statement or blend in with the overall kitchen.

Fingertip Stepped Edge Bow Handles (76mm C/C), Satin Nickel, Antique Polished Brass Or Antique Steel – FTD505

‘Bowden’ Cabinet Pull Handles (96mm Or 128mm C/C) Pewter – BOW2-PULL

Heritage Brass Curved Bow Pull Handle, Polished Brass – V1140-PB

Cup handles…

These are a traditional style handle that are perfect for the vintage lover. They are sturdy, hard-wearing and a clean cut that is easy to maintain, that will provide an authentic design to your hub of the home. Handle them heavy drawers and cupboards with a cup handle.

Hafele ‘Ariel’ Cup Handle (76mm c/c), Pewter Effect – 166.11.905

Fingertip Oxford ‘Cup’ Pull Handles (76mm C/C), Polished Chrome OR Satin Nickel – FTD558


Depends on what material is used, but a knob handle can be anywhere from rustic to regal. It is a versatile handle that is mostly traditional, but it WILL complement any kitchen design. Wooden knobs will work well in a rustic, country farmhouse kitchen, where chrome is more modern and is ideal for a minimalist design. Nickle and pewter are a traditional material and finish but can be very classy in a luxurious kitchen design.

Chrome Knob Handle

Oak Effect Knob Handle

Brushed Steel Effect square knob handle

The finish…

After choosing the style of the handle you will then want to consider the finish of the handle. Traditional handles come in an array of finishes such as stainless steel, brass, pewter and even black.


Some of the handles avaliable are in different lengths. It is down to a personal choice, but if you prefer a less busy kitchen style then choose handles that are the same length throughout. For short handles, it may be a good idea to go for an “in-between” length that won’t look too long on the shorter drawers.


The general rule… handles placed on drawers are positioned horizontally, and handles placed on cupboard doors are positioned vertically. Try out your handles on your cupboards and drawers to see where you would prefer them and the height.

How our customers have used their interior flair with our worktops and complementing them with the perfect handle…

This kitchen below has been finished with the London Grey Carrera style quartz. The customer has chosen both cup handles and knobs in stainless steel on their kitchen cabinetry and I think it works really well. A great combination! It is a perfect streamline kitchen that has shown off the customers interior flair.

london grey carrera quartz worktops harpenden

The kitchen below has been finished off with the Bianco Marmo Suprema style quartz. The customer has decided to use both cup handles and knobs in stainless steel for their interior in the hub of the home.

bianco marmo suprema quartz little hallingbury

The kitchen below has been installed with the Bianco Stella style quartz. The customer has chosen the long bar rectangular handles in the kitchen that are the same as the appliances to create a streamline design that is very elegant. The handles on the cabinetry are a square style knob in stainless steel that is a sleek design.

bianco stella white starlight quartz worktops rockandco

The kitchen below has been installed with the Carrera style quartz. The handles the customer has chosen for their kitchen design are a rose gold long style bar handle that works well both with the grey and white cabinetry. A simple yet elegant design.

carrera white quartz worktops

The kitchen below has been installed with the Magnifico De Lusso style quartz. The customer has chosen long stainless steel bar style handles that match the appliance handles. A clean line, less busy kitchen design that works perfectly.

magnifico de lusso royston herts

The kitchen below has been installed with the Rosso Stella style quartz. A daring colour but I love it! The customer has chosen long bar rectangular handles in this kitchen design that match the appliance handles perfectly. Plus the cooker hood is a slim line design and makes this kitchen look very modern and oozes with style.

rosso stella red starlight quartz worktops in grey kitchen

The kitchen below has been installed with the Strapazzate style quartz. The customer has chosen chrome bow style handles that work perfectly in this traditional kitchen.

strapazzate urban quartz worktops in traditional cream kitchen

Take a look at the kitchen below featuring the Calacutta style quartz. It is an elegant traditional style kitchen that has been designed with knob style handles and cup handles that are finished in stainless steel to create a modern and traditional feel.

calacutta urban quartz white quartz with marble effect installed in barnet by rock and co calacutta urban quartz white quartz with marble effect installed in barnet by rock and co

Take a look at the kitchen below featuring the Bianco De Lusso style quartz. The customer has chosen to have bow style handles on their gloss cabinetry in stainless steel to create a modern and sophisticated style.

bianco de lusso white quartz harpenden

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