Product Questions

Do you price match?

While we do try to match or beat other quotes you have on a like-for-like basis, the chances are there will be no like-for-like comparable quote on the market. We are saddened by the way the industry is driving down cost over quality and we are proud to be the only stone company in the UK ensuring quality is delivered every day.

The simple answer is, let’s see what we quote you and go from there! We will not be the cheapest!

Can Joints be avoided in Granite and Quartz Worktops?

Joints are a necessary annoyance between different stone worktop runs. Joints in stone worktops are normal because stone comes in sheet sizes and most worktops go beyond these sizes. Alternatively, the size of the run required might need to be restricted due to weight or access difficulties into the property, thus resulting in joints that may not have been wanted.

How noticeable are the joints?

Customer concern over joints is understandable, however it should not be detriment to the end result of your completed kitchen. Most kitchens look very normal with appropriate joints and most customers tend to forget about the joints as they continue with their every day life. So we suggest not to focus on this aspect of the stone.

How is the joint filled?

Joints between two different stone worktop pieces are generally 2mm wide and are filled with a special stone glue. The glue is very hard, like the stone itself. It is perfectly safe for kitchen use and is not toxic in any way once installation is complete.

Can I request samples?

Absolutely. We can post samples to your home or work address. The samples are postcard size.

We do however prefer if you can pop down to our showroom, the samples of Granite and Quartz are much bigger and you can see full-size slabs. We will be sure to offer refreshments (teas, coffees, biscuits etc) – our coffee is really good!…