When searching for kitchen worktops you have probably come across the phrases above, maybe they were appended with Quartz for example ‘Quartz Countertops’ or Granite. Whichever phrase you came across we want to help you understand the differences if indeed there are any.

The main phrase we use across our website, marketing and business is ‘Worktops’, specifically ‘Quartz Worktops’ and ‘Granite Worktops’. In the UK these are the most recognised phrases within this industry and in fact the most searched for terms in Google UK Search for Granite and Quartz.

In the USA it is more common for worktops to be known as ‘Countertops’ or ‘Counters’, so then you would see the phrases ‘Quartz Countertops’ and ‘Granite Countertops’. In fact the article on Wikipedia is listed under countertops and explains all the materials and history of countertops as well as different terms for different countries.

So what are the differences?

In short there is no difference at all, especially between ‘Worktops’, ‘Worksurfaces’ and ‘Countertops’ these are solid surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and any workroom where the worksurface is installed onto a cabinet at an ergonomic height for the user and the task it is intended for.

What other terms/phrases might you see?

We have covered most of the main terms above but you might also see ‘kitchen bench’ or ‘kitchen bench top’ which tend to be more an Australian English term.

As always if you have any questions or are seeing conflicting information across other websites please give us a call and we will give you all the advice you need – 01992 535059