In this article we want to talk to you about Urban Quartz, why its different, why we sell it and why its perfect for your home.

What is Urban Quartz?

Urban Quartz is an exclusive range of Quartz worktop material designed in Italy that we have hand selected. This kitchen worksurface material is among the best in the industry. We know this not only from our own tests but also based on customer feedback. Its composition is 95% Quartz and 5% pigments and resin. This is a better constructed Quartz Worktop than all of the rivals we have tested. This construction ensures your Urban Quartz will last for many years and will put up with the day to day use it can be expected to go through in its life.

Urban Quartz is currently offered in 32 designs and we are always updating the range based on the latest trends in the home design industry.

Why is Urban Quartz different?

Aside from the construction mentioned above, Urban Quartz is designed to be exceptionally hard-wearing, it will resist stains, scratches and knocks. It has a good flexural strength which is what you need for larger overhangs not possible with some Granite and other Quartz products. Other brands do not mention flexural strength as they can’t guarantee this feature.

There is a selection of 32 colours to choose from, which in our experience makes it easier for you to choose which one is right for you. 32 popular colours and we carry stock of all of them.

Urban Quartz is now available in Grande sizing which is essentially a mega jumbo quartz slab (3500x1950mm). This is the first slab of this size to enter the UK market and we stock this in 4 popular colours – Nero Stella, Bianco Stella, Strapazzate and Bianco Foresta.

What about the price?

We are confident in our pricing for Urban Quartz, we stock it in large volumes (visit to our factory and you will see!) and get the best deals from the manufacturer which we pass on to our customers both trade and domestic.

Urban Quartz is approximately 50% cheaper than an equivalent Silesone or Caesarstone product for example which helps to make Quartz a more accessible material for a kitchen worktop.


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