Last year (2016) we launched our new Quartz Worktop Laser Templating service. This ensures Rock & Co are at the forefront of the Granite and Quartz industry even more.

Up to now we have used the traditional method of taking large sheets of correx plastic to each job and cutting these to size as if they were the required worktop. They were taken back to the yard and used as a physical template when cutting the Quartz or Granite.

Now with the purchase of our CNC bridge saws we can simply upload a DXF file and the operator and saw do the rest.

The laser templating products have been around in the USA for a number of years and have gradually made their way over to Europe and the UK.

After testing and demonstrations of various systems on the market we eventually opted for the Laser Products package. The supplied equipment ensures accuracy of ± 1.58mm (0.0625″) and creates a file to be loaded straight onto our CNC bridge saws or modified in one of our CAD suites.

Keep reading to find out what happens when we arrive on-site

jake our laser template technician, with our new sign written van laser template tool set up in a kitchen to laser measure for quartz worktops

On this featured Quartz Worktop templating our technician Jake set up the laser in the centre of the room in the most ideal position so that all start and end points were visible.

Jake then positioned targets at the points where the cabinet fronts and sides are (a 20mm overhang is added later)

As he spins the laser and lines up the target he taps the screen on the tablet and you begin to see the worktop taking shape on the screen

Some fine tuning around boxes and sections to be cut out – he makes it look very easy!

After all of the lines are joined up its onto making notes for the team back at the yard. He also calculates radius edges for this particular kitchen at the end of the breakfast bar.

You can now see the finished worktop of 3 runs on the image below. Note that the material usage is maximised whilst ensuring there are only 2 joins of the shortest lengths possible.

laser-templating-for-quartz-worktops-stevenage (16)