“Whether you have a Contemporary, Ethnic or Classic style, there is one for all”

Wallpaper in different styles and colours help create the kitchen in to a beautiful style piece. There are many different wallpapers in today’s market that are suitable for contemporary, ethnic or classic kitchen designs. A modern wallpaper is a versatile wall decor idea. It brings creative taste within the decor and is perfect for that multi-functional kitchen. Making an accent wall in the kitchen with an ethnic, contemporary, classic or retro brings it to be the main focus in the room, where it will catch the eye of the guest and offer appeal and style to all who enters.

“Wallpaper can actually prevent a kitchen from feeling hard and clinical”

Choosing the right pattern, with the correct colours can make a huge difference in the main part of the home. You want to create something truly spectacular with a bold and beautiful patterned wallpaper, so choosing an eye-catching design will give you a great idea to make that kitchen your pride and joy!

The most important part when choosing the perfect wallpaper is thinking about your personality. You want to create something that is unique to you, as well as, showing off your personality. You may have a fun personality so choosing a funky pattern will put you on the right track to showing the inner you. You may have a bold personality and a brightly coloured wallpaper could just fit your description.

Kitchen wallpaper is a great idea to create the different zones and moods in an open-plan room. It can help tie the room together with the different themes, and allows the room to be fun and energetic.

Wallpaper and Decor Styles

For a contemporary kitchen design, wallpapers with quiet colours and clean lines will provide a nice kitchen background for the contemporary style you desire. Classic style kitchens can be brought to life with a romantic wallpaper of descending flowers or a retro twist with stripes.

Have a look at our Bianco Minerale or our Bianco Puro for a stunning finish next to that classic style kitchen.

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A modern wallpaper pattern, colour or texture allows to add stunning details to back splashes and cabinets. It can also add pretty accents that create contrasts between the cabinetry, appliances and other accessories.

Green Nature

Green paint colours and wallpapers are a traditional look in a traditional kitchen. They are a simple colour scheme which add character to the room. Green wallpapers with nature inspired patterns are stylish and fresh, and add a splash of green to make the decor modern. They can be used to emphasize green kitchen ideas and the kitchen cabinetry. If you want to create a “spring” kitchen then light green paints and wallpapers are excellent to create a unique spring time meadow in your very own kitchen. They look gorgeous with light green kitchen decorations and furniture, bringing a nature feel, and the outside in! Green colours can also work well on a neutral background, working well with them stainless steel appliances and white windows. This creates a stylish and sleek effect to the modern decor. Adding a fruit bowl to the kitchen with apples, grapes, kiwis, limes and pears can add instant green to your kitchen (which is also very healthy). Indoor plants are another way of adding instant green to your kitchen. They are perfect for grabbing that all important herb to go in to that delicious recipe and actually improves the kitchen’s air quality, as well as being relaxing.

green apple herb garden

Why not team a green envy kitchen with our very own Bianco Carrina.

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Fake it with a brick wall

Wallpaper doesn’t always have to be about the patterns and colour. You can actually use a wallpaper to fake a brick wall. This has become increasingly popular lately. By choosing a wallpaper that is a design and effect of a brick wall, shows your love for brick work and adds an industrial edge to your kitchen. An exposed brick wall that looks REAL!

Why not team a fake wall with our Grigio Scuro Pura.

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 Pretty in Pink

Maximise a feminine touch in the kitchen by opting for pink. Hot pink accessories will look great in a pink personalised kitchen.

rosa stella pink starlight quartz worktops essex

Why not team a pretty in pink kitchen with our Bianco Stella. Or why not be daring and go all pink with our Rosa Stella.

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Sparkles and shimmer have been in the eye for a few years now. It’s a great way of adding chic and glamour to the kitchen. Make it the main attraction!

Why not team a metallic wallpaper with a shimmer quartz, our very own Grigio Medio Stella.

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Choose a pattern that pops with colour and design. Step back in time with a funky theme.

How about choosing our Nero De Lusso with a colour pop wallpaper.

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A gingham style wallpaper is a must for an American themed kitchen. It provides a country feel and emphasises a cheerful space.

Why not choose our Nebbia Grigia to style with a gingham wallpaper.

nebbia grigia


This is a popular choice in the kitchen, giving off a retro feel and keeping it looking interesting.

How about matching our brand new April 2017 Monaco Carrera to go with a monochrome feel.

Monaco Carrera urban quartz rock and co

Bare Necessities

Spots, stripes, florals, botanical prints and Toiles de Jouys work very well in tradtional and country kitchens.

How about having a look at our Grigio Chiaro Pura for a natural look.

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“You can actually use your favourite wallpaper as a splash back, by covering it with glass”