If you are looking for a fast quote on replacement worktops you can provide us with some simple measurements to get started.

But how do I measure my space? We hear you ask.

What will I need:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Piece of paper
  3. Pen

For simple measurements

  1. Start by measuring the length of your worktops in ‘mm’ (millimeters), including all base cabinets, islands and breakfast bars
  2. Measure the length of all splashbacks/upstands (if you would like these), normally this will be the same length as the worktops themselves
  3. The width of a standard worktop is 600mm so if you multiply 600mm by the total length in step 1 you have some simple measurements to get started.
  4. The total square mm figure you get above should be divided by 1000 to give you sqm (square meters) – you can give us this figure if you like.

For the next stage of your quote we would advise you take some more accurate measurements and we will guide you through this on the phone, or follow the image examples below.

bianco-de-lusso-quartz-worktop-installation (48)For more accurate measurements

What kitchen layout do you have?

Once you have worked this out simply take measurements for each length marked with a letter of the alphabet.

Use this image as a guide.

You can give us these measurements in our online quote form here or just pop an email over to [email protected]

Surely this isn’t good enough for production?

Correct…Before production we send one of our expert laser template technicians to your property to take an accurate laser template of the areas needed to be covered by the worktops.

See whats involved with the laser template process