When you enter a room your eyes are normally drawn to the ceiling to look out for the style and personality of the room as well as how big it has made it look. There are a surprising number of ceilings used in homes today to create that look you are after.

You can make the kitchen special by adding a ceiling design that enhances your personal style and helps create a warm, cosy setting. Add a shimmer or shine effect with a decorative metal or keep it clean, bright and white with textured ceiling tiles or drop ceiling panels to make that granite work top stand out. The choice is endless when it comes to creating the perfect roof with the endless colours, designs and styles.

If you want to enhance the beauty of your home then below we have a few options you could opt for, that matches that stunning granite work top.

Sky light

Maybe you are opting for a sky light? This is a wonderful way to welcome in natural light and what better way than adding the ambient and task lighting that a kitchen must have. Placing the skylights over the kitchen island or the workstation is a perfect idea to produce a direct stream of light throughout the daytime, while pendants can take over after sunset. The natural light will really make a Quartz Worktop stand out. They help turn a small or narrow kitchen in to a more cheerful and bright inviting space. If the ceiling in the kitchen feels congested with the slanted ceilings, then skylights are the best way to open it up and give a well vented vibe as well as the view outside. You may even see a plane or a bird. Please take a look below at what a couple of our customers created with their skylights.

Coffered Ceiling

This is a more dramatic ceiling style that is a more busy option that includes a grid of sunken panels that are divided and accented by moulding. The effect creates a waffle-like pattern.

Cove Ceiling

These are more characterised with the style by a curved moulding that joins the wall and ceiling in a smooth transition. The look is so soft and graceful as there are no sharp corners or lines to define the edges of the room.

Conventional Ceiling

These are seen in a majority of homes. They consist of a simple flat surface and an accessible height to decorate. They create a unique and attractive ceiling as well as a work of art.

Tray Ceiling

This sort of ceiling type features a cut-out design. Generally the lighting fixtures are mounted in to the deepest part of the ceiling. They are a flat rectangular centre that is either popped out or inverted to add architectural interest. They can make a small room look much taller. You could even paint this part a different colour. Please take a look below at what a couple of our customers created with their tray ceilings.

Exposed Beams

This is for a more rustic vibe where homeowners are leaving the existing beams and pipes exposed and choosing not to cover them up. This can offer a more open space and unique character. Please take a look below at what one of our customers created with their exposed beams.

Leaving a good impression

A great ceiling design can give a room a unique and individual character that leaves a big impression in the mind of those who step in. Modern ceilings can provide a lot more that a plain white room.

You can include LED lighting for an exquisite roof design or pendant lamps and chandeliers for a sleek and stylish modern alternative. A great ceiling compliments the rest of the room especially those granite worktops providing visual appeal and a new perspective.