Hi my name is Anthony, I am the Managing Director at Rock and Co. I first got into Granite worktops around 15 years ago where I worked at a large Granite manufacturer. I had years of experience as a stone mason and kitchen fitter. Most of the Granite jobs I did had to be cut on-site, this was because the equipment needed was out of reach and not readily available.

Can you believe that 15 years on and in 2016 companies still cut Granite & Quartz worktops on-site? I’m not talking about making adjustments due to an unexpected change to the kitchen (that can happen), but I am talking about the production, everything from making the sink and hob cutouts to bevelling the edges and polishing the stone. It’s crazy that this still goes on, it’s dangerous, its noisy and its EXTREMELY dusty! Not to mention the quality will never be 100%, how can you possibly get the bevelled edge right?

Over the years I have invested heavily in expanding Rock & Co, and creating a Granite & Quartz supplier that people can trust. Our great service is one of the key drivers for our business. Investments in equipment and machinery have enabled us to grow at a steady pace and onto our first CNC Granite saw in 2013. We now have 4 CNC saws with the newest edition to the factory in March this year.

Having a CNC Granite saw ensures we can deliver to tighter turnarounds, and with improved accuracy and efficiency. Our CNC saws can cut a Granite or Quartz worktop within a few minutes, this is hob/sink cutouts and the actual runs. Our latest saw takes things further by being able to lift the runs away from each other as it cuts the next piece. It can also handle 45degree angles which many machines can’t do.

Getting onto the materials we supply – Granite – this is still one of the most popular worktop materials and is actually the first one people think of when you say ‘stone worktops’. There are many, many companies advertising Granite online and as a result it is very difficult as a consumer to know what to expect from each supplier.

Granite is not a cheap material to source, it has to be shipped in from Spain and Italy, it is also not a cheap material to work with and is actually quite brittle when being handled by the large equipment, so breakages can occur. There are companies selling Granite for incredibly low prices much less than we can source it for ourselves – and we source a lot!

My Father always used to tell me, “if you buy cheap, you buy twice”. For example you cannot expect a Dacia Sandero to be the same quality as a Mercedes A-Class, it just doesn’t happen. The same is very true for the Granite and Quartz industry. If you buy cheap you will be disappointed, you can be disappointed at an earlier stage too if the ‘workmanship’ is shoddy.

If you are paying £80/sqm or less for Granite, it’s too cheap, it almost certainly should be £100-150/sqm and in some cases higher for designs that are more rare. (this is supply only, fitting cost will be extra)

If you choose to use Rock and Co here’s what we guarantee:

  • Quality sourced Granite from Italy & Spain
  • Competitive prices – you will be paying for the quality I guarantee that
  • Non-pushy sales
  • Laser Templater will visit your home
  • Granite manufactured using our state-of-the-art machinery
  • Hand-finished by our experienced stone masons
  • Installed by our skilled craftsmen

I hope this has given you something to think about. At Rock & Co we don’t go around saying how poor other company’s work is, but we will sing our own praises – because we can!

Please pop down and see us at our showroom in Hertford, we’ll make you a tea or coffee and make you feel welcome.

Thanks for reading