Which material is better for Kitchen Worktops, Granite or Quartz?

When somebody says “I have stone worktops”, you would be forgiven for thinking they are talking about Granite; since Granite worktops have been around for many years and are still the most popular of the stone worktop’s that are available. Granite has been the preferred material for Kitchen Worktops thanks to its unique look, its durability and hard-wearing ‘last a lifetime’ qualities.

Granite worktops still outperform many other worktop materials, especially those such as Corian and Laminated worksurfaces.

If we compare Granite to its closest rival material – Quartz – we can see that both have their strengths and weaknesses. Lets take a look in more detail at both materials.

What is Granite?

Granite is a natural material which has been formed over millions of years in the rocks of mountains. Granite is mainly found in Spain and Italy which is where many of our Granite slabs come from. Granite is 100% natural and is literally extracted from the side of rocks and sliced into large slabs which are then containered around the world.

Granite by nature is an extrememly durable material. It can withstand heat, is scratch resistant, impact resistant, is wipe clean and comes in some really unique and interesting designs. It’s worth noting no two pieces of Granite are the same, which is why it is still considered an exclusive material.

Granite is porous, which even when sealed can become porous again over time, which can cause problems with stains and water ingression. Although we would stress that all our Granite material is inspected for cracks, are pressure tested and are installed professionally to limit the chances of water ingression.

Granite is coarse in its natural form, but can be polished to produce a surface that is smooth and reflective which is what the majority of our customers opt for. It can also be honed where the surface is machined but not polished, giving a matt effect which looks especially good on our Black granites.

Granite is easy to maintain and it’s important you follow a simple routine to keeping the surfaces clean, we have Care Guides for Granite here

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What is Quartz?

Quartz worktops have really come alive in the last 10 years, they utilise Quartz minerals and hi-tech manufacturing processes to produce a worktop material capable of standing up to Granite in almost every way!

Because Quartz is an engineered stone – and by that we mean Quartz Minerals are combined with resin in a high temperature oven – it means there are no limits to how the quartz can be designed. For example the Calacutta from Urban Quartz features prominent veining which has been created during the manufacturing process.

Did you know that Quartz is the hardest mineral next to precious stones? And on top of that, the Quartz used to produce Quartz Worktops is even more superior to natural Quartz, so when combined with a small percentage of resin compound, an incredibly strong and durable worktop is born!

The main advantage to using Quartz over Granite, is that it is 100% impervious to liquid, without the need for sealing the surface. This means daily maintenance and care of your Quartz worktops is far easier, which leads to greater product satisfaction.

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How do I choose?

The choice between Granite & Quartz really comes down to personal preference. The pro’s and con’s of both will suit different kitchens and different environments, but we know both do an amazing job of transforming your kitchen!

You’ll see from the pictures in our gallery that Granite is used more frequently in traditional style kitchens whereas the Quartz is used in contemporary kitchens.

We recommend you pop over to our showroom in Hertford where we have samples of all the Granite & Quartz we sell. We will talk you through the options and demonstrate the pro’s and con’s of each material.