Give your kitchen a natural warmth with Gold Granite worktops available from Rock & Co.

Why are Gold Granite worktops so popular?

You can bring a warmth to your kitchen with a Gold, beige, or yellow granite worktop. Gold granite tops are one of the best-selling colours of granite in the UK and United States. The extreme popularity of gold granite counters can be attributed to their warm, conservative appearance which makes them combine well with almost any decor or kitchen environment.

A gold/beige worktop offers flexibility when it comes to decorating and offers a traditional style finish to your kitchen especially when matched with a darker cabinet. The overall colour finish can vary quite considerably especially when considering that Granite is a natural material, so you find that the colour flows from Gold to beige, to black, light browns and white particles. This variation in colour actually helps to make the material easy to keep clean and it will be totally unique.

No two pieces of Granite will be the same!

What Gold Granite do we sell?

We offer a fairly non-exhaustive range of Gold Granite, some of which we stock like the popular colours below. However our main suppliers in the UK have many 100’s of variations and we can arrange for you to visit their stone yard to hand-select your slab. Please contact us for more information.

What does Gold look like installed?