It is known that 1 in every 2 households own a pet of some description. As a British Nation our love for pets is incredible with an estimated 8.5 million dogs and 7.4 million cats in Britain we really do love our fur babies. Also the saying goes a “dog is a man’s best friend” and this is really true and not just a saying.

They have a special place in our hearts and form a bond like no other, which makes them an integral part of the family. For pets being so close to us as family members it is only fair that they enjoy our home as much as we do, so why not create a kitchen that is the best for catering for your pooch.

The Perfect Den

One of the best kitchen designs and a favored spot for the fur baby up and down the country is beneath the kitchen worktop. Dogs and cats love to be cosy and what better way to maintain this by creating a little space which is warm and cosy. Add a soft back board for them to relax against and a perfect comfy bed. If you are not one for chaos and the rest of your house is ship shape then building a luxury built in sleep space would be perfect for your furry friend. Choosing one of our Quartz or granite worktops is the perfect way to balance the colour between your cabinetry and your fur babies den.

Cat climbing shelves

A cat playground could be the most ideal way to keep the furry friend off the counter. If your cat is curious they love being high up so why not take your feline furniture to the next level by building a hideout that consists of box shelves, a hole cut out in the top shelf and a cushion. Your cat can climb the outer shelves of the box and make their way through the cut out hole to where the cushion awaits for a tempting nap. This idea also keeps your cat entertained while you are cooking the dinner. They add a decorative unique look to your kitchen space and makes a really fun filled playground for your feline friend. Choose one of our Quartz or Granite’s to harmonise the colour of the shelves you are going for.

 Feeding the Pooch

Want to create the perfect stow away with kitchen cabinetry then one of the great ideas is creating an under cabinet place for a dog bowl. It saves space and looks very neat and tidy. You wouldn’t even know it was there as it slides back in flush against the cabinets. What a great way to hide the dogs bowls when guests are over.

Another perfect stow away in the cabinetry is using a built in rubbish bin for dog food storage. This keeps the food air tight as well as tidy and easy to get to. There will be no more packaging or containers of food on show.

Built in dog bowls are also a great feature to your kitchen. They can be integrated in to the end of the cabinetry or a kitchen island. These are perfect to keep your pet from tripping you up while cooking and perfect to prevent spills from tipping out of the bowls on to the floor. They are ultra modern and tells a story of your personality with the style you are creating. You can also opt for drawers above the feeding station that conveniently house the food and treats. If your dog loves to be outside then maybe lining the underneath of the cabinetry that hold the food bowls with a sheet of artificial grass could be a great idea (letting your love for the wild be unleashed).

The perfect worktop from our range of Quartz or Granite will offer a real first class impression that matches perfect with the cabinetry and that amazing feeding station for your canine companion.

 Spare Wall

You may have a spare wall in your kitchen that is not being used and you may want to create something perfect and unique for your pooch, then building a dog house could be the perfect idea. Dogs love having a space that is just for them and they certainly will not mind going in it at night. It can be used to create an effective spot for a dogs bed keeping the dog bed off the floor and hiding all the dogs toys when guests come.

Using a Kitchen Island for the perfect hideout

For a comfortable hiding place the kitchen island is a great way to create a cave like feeling. Some dogs are particularly terrified and if yours is, then building them their own dark, sheltered nook is simply perfect. Another great idea is you could use the overhang of the kitchen island by placing a dogs bed underneath making it cosy, or hand making a cage with wood and metal wire meshing. Your pooch can then be with you all the time when you are in the kitchen, plus it makes the space.

So when you are re-designing your new kitchen make sure you choose one of our prestige Quartz or Granite work tops for a well-groomed space that you and your furry family member will love.