Black Granite Worktops are probably the first thing you would start looking into and then start seeing when you search for a kitchen worktop. The colour black is the colour of fashion – clothing, electronics, cars, home cinema and much more are coloured black. Granite is a very well known and popular worktop material, it is very abundant in the UK now and is becoming more and more accessible as competition increases. When you start your search for a Granite, Marble, stone worktop you will be thinking about the colour that best fits your taste and your kitchen. Black is a very versitile colour, it will work with literally any wall, floor or cabinet colour in your kitchen with ease.

So why are Black Granite worktops so popular?

Black Granite is very popular as a worktop material as it is firstly very versitile like we have said it will work with any colour of wall, floor or kitchen cabinet. It will give a very elegant look as part of its contrast with your cabinets say if you have white cabinets, further enhanced by it’s natural sheen. It is also less likely to show up marks and stains, although a highly polished stone can show finger/hand marks. Dark granite is generally extra dense and less likely to absorb stains which can make them much easier to maintain than lighter coloured granite. The black granite we offer are diamond-polished and some with mirror flecks so that they reflect natural and artificial light.

What colours are available?

We source some of the finest Granite from around the world with large batches, so you can find 2 or 3 slabs that all match perfectly for your kitchen. Colours such as Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, Black Sapphire, Cambrian Black and Zimbabwe Black are just a few to be named. Check out the pictures below to give you some ideas. If you find a colour elsewhere on the internet please let us know we can likely match the colour and beat the price.

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