Create your kitchen, make it your family’s favourite hang out.

The kitchen is one of the most busiest places in a home where there’s lots going on. We have put together a few ideas to get the most out of your space, and some handy tricks that will get you creating.

Chalk is today

Little creatives love drawing and making mess and what better way to let them run wild (with a little supervision) than to paint a few areas in the kitchen with blackboard paint. Paint low area’s such as the bottom of a breakfast bar or kitchen island or a wall in the kitchen to keep the children entertained. You can put your mind at ease while they create on walls that they can draw on.

Busy cooking? The children can let their imaginations run free without making clutter and endless mess by drawing on the chalkboard. Placements and coasters are another good idea to paint with blackboard paint as this will certainly look creative against that stunning granite worktop you have purchased. You could also use the full wall painted as a shopping list for the crucial items you have forgotten or reminding notes, and another great idea is keeping ingredients in order by painting mason jars with blackboard labels.


Play Zone

Create a play zone in the heart of your home by keeping an eye on those cheeky monkey’s while you get things done. Purchasing a trolley that can be wheeled in and out is a perfect idea to store toys and art materials as well as coordinating in with your decor.

How about even making a creative wall by pinning up a curtain rail to hang the latest masterpieces from your little ones. This can look effective and a great way to display the artists work.


Organisation is a plan

Make the kitchen the most organised room in the house by making an organised hub with a pegboard or hanging pockets. No one will be forgetting where anything is and with it being visual then this makes the most usefulness room in the house.


Seating arrangements

Flexible seating is the art in any kitchen today. With it being the most busiest room in the home you also want it to be the most usefulness, and by having fold able or stacking chairs is perfect for this. They can be stashed away in the cupboard so they are not on show and also creates a clutter free kitchen as well as a space-saving design. They can be bought in so many different colours that there will be one to fit in with your decor as well as perfect for your children to sit on when creating.


Making the perfect baking space and encouraging the children to cook

Children love to cook and get involved and what better way to teach them than by having the perfect kitchen to do this. The excitement on the children’s faces when they watch their family member mix the ingredients, or the delight when they are allowed to lick the wooden spoon.


“A kitchen island that has double sides is the perfect way to create lots of room for the whole family and brings the family together”